Magni M24 Plus Specifications


Engine Type Rotax 915 is A
Power 141 HP
Maximum RPM (5mins) 5800 rpm
Maximum Continuous RPM 5500 rpm
Fuel Tank Capacity 82 litres
Usable Fuel Quantity 78.5 litres
Reserve fuel 10 litres
Usable Fuel Quantity 3.5 litres
Fuel Consumption / Hour (Cruise) 18-27 LPH
Normal Operating Speed 75 kts
VNE 85 kts
Min Pilot Weight 60 kg
Max Pilot Weight 120 kg
Max take off weight 535 kg
Max landing weight 535 kg
Max Rotor RPM 550 rpm
Take off 320 ft
Take off (to 50 ft) 950 ft
Landing 0 - 100 ft
Landing (from 50 ft) 430 ft
Climb & Glide  
ROC at MAUW, max power, ISA conditions 980 ft/min
Glide rate at MAUW 1250 ft/min
Glide rate at minimum weight 1000 ft/min
Maximum demonstrated crosswind component for take-off 25 kts
Maximum demonstrated crosswind component for landing 25 kts
Service Ceiling  
Maximum service ceiling 10,000 ft


Rotax 915 Turbo 141 HP
Analogue Gauges: ASI, ALT, VERTICAL SPEED (VSI option),
Fuel Level, Rotor Rev Counter Vertical Compass
Kanardia Digi for Engine Management see 
Electric Trim Control and PTT Switch
Landing Light
82 Litre Fuel Tank
4 Point seat belts
Mast Fairing
Door open warning lights
Executive Black Interior with Alcantara seats
Propeller Spinner


Electric Trim and PTT Co-Pilot (Option)
Glove Box passenger side (Option)
Pilot 12 Volt Plug-in (Option)
Co-pilot 12 Volt Plug-in (Option)
Lateral Strobe kit (Option)
Rear Strobe kit (Option)
Tarmac Tyres (Option)
Trig TY91 VHF Radio (Option)
Dual Headsets Zulu Light Speed (Option)