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Airborne are manufacturers of light sport, weight shift, flex wing aircraft and our range includes microlights, trikes, ultralights, hang gliders, nanolights. Airborne aircraft are certified to CASA requirements and are also approved for many other countries.

Welcome to AirBorne Australia Ultralight Aircraft Specialists.

Airborne specialise in the design and manufacture of ultralights (also called, microlights, trikes ultralight trikes and flexwing microlights, nanolights, nanolite), sport planes and hang gliders, for the serious adventure aviation enthusiast - they are a similar category to paragliders and the sport of paragliding. Airborne microlights are flown by general aviation and commercial pilots throughtout the world.

Airborne also supply wings to other manufactures of microlight aircraft or ultralight trikes. Because Airborne microlights are sold to more than 30 countries world-wide and sell in several currencies please contact the factory for pricing stating where you are from.

Choose from a variety of aircraft including the Redback, the latest and most affordable in our range of twin seat certified aircraft: The fully optioned Classic 582 which is fully faired with optional electric start and oil injection. The new rugged Outback, which can be optioned up with the tundra undercarriage, electric start and oil injection, Or the XT-912. We use quality Rotax aircraft engines in all of our current designs.

Feel confident when you fly, choose a certified aircraft. Our aircraft are certified to Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) requirements. Our design's are tested to 6g positive and 3g negative. That's a massive 2500kgs+ or 5511+ pounds in load applied to the wing for the positive test. Other test requirements include landing load, deceleration and weld testing. The Airborne factory is a CASA approved facility.

Airborne microlights are certified or approved for many countries including, Australia, UK, France, Israel, Germany and the USA. These approvals allow Airborne to be flown in msany other countries which include the UAE, South America and India. In the USA they are flown in the Special Light Sport Aircraft or Experimental Light Sport Aircraft category.

Airborne Light Sport and Experimental Light Sport Aircraft

Gyrocopter's, gyroplane's, auto gyro's and rotorcraft are easy and fun to to fly. The gyrocopter, gyroplane, autogyro and rotorcraft have developed into a safe and reliable aircraft. Vittorio Magni's passion and knowledge has helped in shaping new generation high tech gyro's into what they are today. Magni is a world leader in design and manufacture of the current day gyrocopter. Othe designs include Xenon, MT0 Sport, Calidus, Cavalon, ELA are good examples of modern day gyro's. ASRA the Australian Sports Rotocraft Association run the register for Australian Rotorcraft. The Hawk 4 , ArrowHawk , heliplane and gyroliner by GBA Groen Brothers Aviation are an insight into the future and potential of commercial gyroplane design. The Magni Gyro is the ultimate sport gyro. The finish, handling and performance say it all. Book your gyro test fligh today.

Important: Owners are advised to regularly check the Airborne website for updated and new airworthiness directives.